Another top quality product from the makers of Sun Chlorella A & Wakasa Gold, products trusted for 40 over years...
"To the human body that has the possibility for change to beauty and good health through discipline and willpower and TO THE POTENTIAL THAT LIES WITHIN YOU."
Dr. Bernard Jensen

"Agaricus Blazei Murrill"

"Agaricus Powder"

"Sun.Chlorella Agaricus"

We blended together "Agaricus", a mysterious mushroom which has survived on earth and primitive "Chlorella" which has survived in water. Please use the total power of Agaricus and Chlorella grown in each different environment and have different character for your health maintenance. Among said 200 different kinds of Agaricus, Sun Chlorella Corporation uses "Himematsutake Iwade Strain 101"(scientific name: "Agaricus Blazei Murrill"), which has been a main object of scientific studies for its amazing effects such as -D-glucan. As a result, we achieved to make a best product contains abundant of -D-glucan, in a good combination with C.G.F. more...

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